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02-23-2016, 07:18 PM

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Union of Chambers of Commerce: we will hold in April next year an economic forum in Athens binds international companies

Announced the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Iraq, on Monday, he will be held in April next economic forum brings together Iraqi and international companies wishing to work in Iraq, and among the Forum will be held in Athens, stressed that the forum will become an annual tradition after coordination with the federations of chambers of commerce European.
The Chamber of Commerce of Baghdad by Alaa Al-Nouri said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The ongoing preparations to hold a business forum of the Iraqi and European investment in the Greek capital Athens, and during the period from 21-22 April next year."

He Nouri, "The Forum will bring together unions and businessmen Iraqi economic organizations and international companies specialized in the presence of international companies carried out work contracts in Iraq, and will discuss ways of activating the productive and service sectors of the economy in cooperation with the international effort sophisticated," calling on unions Iraqi economic organizations to "be effective in their platforms and share. "

Among Nouri, he said that "the presence of companies and Iraqi businessmen as well as wishing to work in Iraq and the global companies abbreviated lot of effort and time, as well as making the international effort in the vicinity of the work required in all Iraqi cities by size.
He said Al-Nouri, said that "the goal of broad participation is to unite the bridges of cooperation between Iraq and the various countries of the world and show the economic potential of Iraq, and this work is the culmination of ongoing communication, cooperation and concerted efforts between the Iraqi government and the private sector represented by the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce to contribute to the economic development and modernization of infrastructure and keep pace manufacturing and technological developments which create employment opportunities for Iraqi youth. "
The Al-Nouri, said that "this forum will become an annual tradition in coordination with the federations of chambers of commerce European in European capitals where there are joint chambers of commerce," noting that "the choice of Athens was the result of the close relations that combine the two parties and will address the reality of the Iraqi economy and ways of activating the industrial production in Iraq." .

And confirms the government officials, the importance of the role of the private sector in improving the situation in Iraq and the advancement of its economy, and revealed the government's efforts to form a "Iraqi market board" during the next year in 2017, as a basis for understanding and partnership between the two parties, and was charged with the representatives of the organizations and unions professional government "not to open" after the doors to take advantage of the private sector or experts, called for a "no-dramatize" the current financial distress.
The World oil prices fell more than 60% compared to the 2014 summer, led to confront Iraq, a severe financial crisis, the government was forced to adopt austerity policy, and stopped the majority of public projects.