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02-25-2016, 08:23 PM
2-25-2016 Guru Millionday Quote: " ...stock prices are also affected by a decline of performance indicators for companies to contribute to 2015 and its reflection on the profits earned and dividends size between shareholders because of the unexplained increases in capital companies, especially in the banking sector..." THIS IS A MAJOR REPORT...THEY HAVE OF COURSE SUFFERED WITHOUT THE MARKET BEING GLOBAL BUT --- THEY GO ON TO SAY >>>THEY HAVE UNEXPLAINED INCREASES IN CAPITAL COMPANIES... WHOOPOW. UNDERSTAND THE ANNOUNCEMENT...THIS IS THE REMOVAL OF THE REGULATIONS DUE TO SANCTIONS...WHOOOPOW --INTERNATIONAL COMPLIANCE FOR ISX...THIS IS ABOUT OPENING IRAQ TO THE MARKET. THIS HAS NOT BEEN DONE AT ANYTIME BEFORE --- VERY INTERESTING.