View Full Version : the coming days there will be a major financial demonstrations to demand the conserva

02-26-2016, 01:51 PM
Governor of Baghdad: the coming days there will be a major financial demonstrations to demand the conservative allocations

Baghdad , confirmed the governor of Baghdad , Ali Mohsen al - Tamimi: We invite the people of Baghdad for peaceful demonstrations to demand the financial allocations If you do not meet the Ministry of Finance promises they made ​​to the province to complete their projects and service dues of contractors and contract employees. " The governor said during his participation in the mass demonstrations infront of the Ministry of Finance, in the presence of a large gathering of employees and contractors in thestatement reported press office today: the Ministry ofFinance launched thefinancial allocations for the province, noting that Baghdad is the capital can not be compared with the rest of theprovinces in terms offinancial allocations ,which was launched for each province and is not enough tomeet the ongoing projects with large ratio of thepopulation occupied the capital. " said Tamimi , " The, thecapital , is the face of the country and find that it is necessary tospeed up the release of funds needed tomeet the needs of theregions, stressing that we are out ofthese events comes from the door of theresponsibility and we feel the suffering of the citizen -Baghdadi and through continuous we got off to thestreet and meet us the inhabitants of thecapital. "Information Office of the Governor ofBaghdad