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03-01-2016, 08:21 PM
Baghdad Chamber of Commerce will hold an expanded seminar to discuss the problems of banking companies


[rtl]Baghdad Chamber of Commerce held on Monday expanded seminar to discuss the obstacles to the work of banking companies and pointed out the problems of Mr. Jaafar al-Hamdani, head of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce and head of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce in a speech at the opening of the seminar and attended (justice) that holding the seminar comes within the interests of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce organized events to serve Iraqi economy and the achievement of a strategic partnership between the private sector (http://www.ashford.com/us/watches/sector/cat6057.cid?pn=brand) and the government in order to improve the national economy and to find appropriate solutions to economic problems, especially in this difficult circumstance of the dominance of gangs Daash criminal on some areas and lower world oil prices and reduce the financial revenues and rampant corruption in the joints of the state and said al-Hamdani said the current financial crisis is the financial hardship caused by the mistakes of previous governments and a lack of coordination between the public and private sectors, which led to the imposition of austerity and disable strategic projects following a drop in oil prices, noting that governments will resort to the private sector (http://www.ashford.com/us/watches/sector/cat6057.cid?pn=brand) when experiencing financial difficulties in order to find appropriate solutions Mr. Jaafar al-Hamdani said said Chamber of Commerce Baghdad accounted for many of the centers of them to look at the problems that arise between the government and the private sector (http://www.ashford.com/us/watches/sector/cat6057.cid?pn=brand) and the establishment of another center for investment and Women Business center commercial arbitration center will work the room to set up a banking association to be an incubator for corporate banking and discuss their problems right climate for their work from his part and providing said Mr. Abdul Hassan Sheikh Zinni deputy head of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce in a speech that the aim of holding the seminar with stakeholders in the Central Bank of Iraq and the Baghdad Provincial Council and a number of officials in the state is to open channels of communication directly with the owners of companies and banking offices after subjected many of them to armed robbery and murder by criminal gangs at the seminar, many of the problems suffered by the owners of companies and banking offices raised and revolved around reconsider amounts of duties and ease the procedures for obtaining a license gun and allocate an equal share of the companies in the auction currency and find the electronic correspondence between the companies and the wording of the central bank is worth mentioning the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce was established under law No. 40 of 1926, the first room was established under the national governance in Iraq, and then successively the founding of the other in the rest of Iraq's provinces rooms .omrt room with four first stages: starting from its founding in 1926 and has exercised its business under the law No. 40 of 1926 and law No. 100 of 1966 this phase is characterized by single-handedly the private sector (http://www.ashford.com/us/watches/sector/cat6057.cid?pn=brand) to shoulder the responsibility of the room manage their Kamilh.o II: starting from 1968 until 1983 where he was law legislation No. 124 of 1969 was followed by the enactment of law No. 45 of 1973 and which has the participation of the socialist sector (http://www.ashford.com/us/watches/sector/cat6057.cid?pn=brand) in the responsibility of the chambers of commerce administration in Encourage its members to participate in the domestic and international trade fairs in coordination with the competent Iraqi authorities along with the sector Acial.o III: the beginning of 1985 marked the beginning of this stage in the history of Iraqi Chambers after it was merged with the Iraqi Federation of industries under law No. 24 of 1983 and the fourth: this phase began in the history of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce enactment of law No. 43 of 1989, where he became the room under this law professional economic organization to take care of your business affairs and providing services and information to him as who is appointed to exercise its role in the commercial activities of the best and Jh.o exercise room different organizational, service and advisory functions Salient terms of reference practiced room following: -tsgel brand names and registration in the commercial register and keeping the necessary records in accordance with the trade Act No. 30 of 1984 organizing affiliation process of the chamber under the conditions specified in the system Identify financial competence of the members and the organization guarantees them Study business and marketing conditions in the province of Baghdad and propose treatment aimed at developing Identify custom and habit prevailing in commercial matters within the province of Baghdad Coordination of commercial arbitration to resolve trade disputes and the designation of experts and representatives for this purpose and to express an opinion in arbitration cases that come before the chamber issuing certificates of origin for Iraqi goods and the issuance and certification of other business documents Organize business tasks disclosure on the funds and the preparation of certificates required for it and naming experts to the courts and government departments -jma, catalog, publish traded in the domestic market prices of goods and reporting provide information and data for chamber members that relate to their jobs and commercial activities and advising them -jma and compile statistical data relating to Bmnzbe room and commercial activity (http://www.amazon.com/Commercial-Activity-Markets-Entrepreneurs-Middle/dp/184383684X) and provided stakeholders Preparing publications that aims to spread awareness among the members of the trade and professional advancement of -abdae opinion and answer the queries, which means that Ray asks the room where the legal nature and the ratification of the signing of the seals and contracts for members upon request