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03-02-2016, 08:18 PM
In Iraq .. (2000), banking and financial transfer company


BAGHDAD / Karim Jassim al-Tai / .. Baghdad Chamber of Commerce revealed its intention to form a special regulation of banking and financial companies transfer in Iraq, as pointed out that a number of banking companies has reached 2,000 companies.

The head of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Jaafar al-Hamdani, during his speech during the extended seminar, which was attended by Agency / economic dinars / which dealt with the problems and obstacles to the work of banking companies and financial transfer in Iraq and organized by the chamber under the slogan (banking companies and the challenges of stability for business and finance market): the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce It plans to establish association of all banking companies and financial transfer in Iraq, to ​​be an incubator for these companies through legal environment for their work to provide.

He noted that a number of banking companies and financial transfer in Iraq reached 2,000 companies, of which (1300) is a company in Baghdad.
He said al-Hamdani: Iraq needs to organize all the ways and means and mechanisms that will promote the national economy to address the fiscal crisis and the economic crisis is going through.

He explained: will spoon Baghdad trade configure the formation of this association and organization of work in accordance with the regulatory mechanisms through which we can guide her in the right direction serve the new Iraq, noting that he has been meeting to employers of banking companies because the work of these unregulated companies do not operate under a particular association or organization, federation or union or some other label.

He said al-Hamdani said the meeting discussed the most important problems of these companies was discussed the possibility of creating a legal recommendation legislation raises the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce to the Iraqi Council of Representatives to enact a law to do banking companies for the purpose of protecting them and organize their work.
He pointed out that al-Hamdani Baghdad Chamber of Commerce was able to establish an international gathering center to resolve trade disputes that arise between the central government and the privatesector (http://www.ashford.com/us/watches/sector/cat6057.cid?pn=brand) in addition to the establishment of the center for investment includes local and international investors.

As an expert specialist financial and fiscal science professor Haitham Al-Anbuge stressed that there must be planning and organizing the work of the banking companies and financial conversion the fact that the number of banking companies is too large and needs to be planning and strict control of their work, in addition to the need to develop legislation and regulations to the work of these companies and banks.

As representative of the province of Baghdad, stressed the need to control the dollar exchange rate in Iraq, they constitute a serious condition at a private Iraqi economy and that the country is going through a critical phase as a result of the financial crisis.

As owners of banking companies and financial transfer student from redrawing the registration of companies and reconsider dealings with them and be a supervisory committees committees calendar, not an authoritarian or police and to facilitate their access to licenses to bear arms process as a result of their exposure to the attempted robbery, murder and Tsil continuously as well as the use of Alantrnti Baltaamladtha with the Central Bank of Iraq and the allocation of equal shares in terms of dollar selling.