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03-03-2016, 08:22 PM
Iraqi dinar recovery expectations after the end of the war the daash
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We cannot ignore the fact that the State of Iraq significant changes in the economy if investment opportunities and strategic planning for utilization of imams pain resources correctly.

Iraq stands on the brink of anfgarmn financial growth, which encourages him to promote foreign investment in infrastructure, oil and manufacturing, such as the Wall Street Journal, progress in inventory for quick agents so that "Iraq is a country populated by more than 30 million people with active workforce and education, and is a very attractive country for foreign investors and could attract foreign investors ' desire for Iraqi companies to open huge investment projects".
Despite us President Barack Obama end the military operations in Iraq may take some time before the country into a stable and peaceful situation.

The paper says that "despite all these facts, we cannot ignore the fact that the solid state resources Iraq if placed under the authority and administration of creating investment opportunities and tremendous changes in the economy."
And asserts that "with the economic development and in a very short time become one of international forces Iraq."

And that "the Iraqi Government has taken several decisive steps to strengthen the economy in Iraq as the Government sought to reduce the inflation rate from 19% to 6%.
And indicates that the Government supply-and-demand equation opportunities to finance local Iraqi market where the Government implemented several contracts with international companies to increase oil production, is expected until the end of 2020, oil production reaches a level of 10 million barrels per day. "

It also notes that "by that date, Iraq is expected to be one of the largest suppliers of oil."

Says Iraq may become "the largest supplier after Saudi Arabia and Russia" but insisted that "the current oil price stability."

Considers that this "will stir significantly Iraq oil revenues and are actually good marks for the developments of the Iraqi economy."

Health find that "despite the fact that the increase in value of the Iraqi dinar is still weak, it remains surprising small increases but persists in Iraqi dinar value despite economic recession around the world."

And points out that "at present, the Iraqi dinar is traded locally only, and not worldwide. And are likely to remain in this situation for a long time, depending on the ability of the importing country, and assess the level of consumption to ensure the welfare of the Iraqi State, "Noting that" the actual fate of foreign currency currently depends actually and accurately on State capacity in delivery and lifting oil exports and the way in which the Organization will attempt to use the oil within the State ".

And cautions that "most of the foreign exchange earnings of Iraq has nothing to do with Iraqi dinars directly because everything is usually purchased in us dollars.

The paper expects a recovery of Iraqi currency after the war with daash says they will be stronger after the Federal Government's control over the vast supply of natural resources revenues.

03-03-2016, 08:26 PM
Daash steal 100 million dinars, gold and jewelry from the banking Balherquat[/ltr]

03/03/2016 1

Daash terrorist gangs stole an amount of 100 million dinars, gold and jewelry from his banking (Masoudi) spend Sharqat northern Salahuddin.

A local source for the reporter / balances News /, that "Daash gangs stole an amount of 100 million dinars, gold and jewelry valued at more than the stated amount of the owner of Banking (Masoudi) spend Sharqat in Diachlorus village after a raid on a house belonging to (Abdalmsaud) His banking under the pretext of searching for Wanted".

The source added, "After submitting a complaint to what is known as the Diwan (Ombudsman) had told him that these people intruders impersonating organization"