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03-06-2016, 08:03 PM
Oil bearing Ministries chock-delayed rehabilitation of the refinery withstand [Peggy]
The Ministry attributed the delay in the rehabilitation of oil refinery withstand [Peggy] to steal Daash terrorist gangs of the equipment and the bombing and destruction of other carrier refinery line, loaded Ministries Dolly non-fulfillment of obligations in order to create working conditions.

The ministry said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of its keenness to speed up the rehabilitation of the refinery withstand "Peggy" and work to harness all human, technical and engineering potentials for the return of life and work to the refinery, which is one of the most important oil installations in the liquidation sector.
She explained that "the ministry of all cadres very interested in achieving stability in the domestic market and meet the demand for petroleum products has mobilized all its departments in the production, import and distribution in order to achieve that has faced some obstacles during the previous period due to the exit of the refinery work for the deteriorating security situation in Salahuddin province but the ministry was able to provide petroleum products to the citizens. "

It added that "on the second day to take over the oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, his office visited the refinery even though he was besieged by terrorist gangs in order to raise the morale of the fighters and to give a strong message both internally and externally for the design of Iraq to restore the refinery and run it, and then visited the Undersecretary older Fayyad good grace refinery accompanied by a team of managers, engineers and technicians to assess the status of the refinery and how to bring life to him again. "

And it showed the ministry "after the field to look at and because of war damage and theft of equipment from before the terror Daash gangs and tampering programmed into some other equipment as well as booby-trapping some other units direct repair production Salahuddin / 1 line team decided after the lifting of all mines that impede the work was to prepare a plan detailed to accomplish the goal. "

She pointed to the "Overture Council of Ministers and the ministries concerned with the relevant provision of the requirements to achieve this, through the Ministry of Defense to lift mines and remnants of war and the creation of the site to work, as well as providing full protection of the refinery and its surroundings and the path of the pipeline feeder carrier for the product as well as providing security protection for water intakes, as well as re-processing power, for many reasons, has not been achieved from the communications of the ministry of mines only lifted by the Ministry of defense, and we are still waiting and are following the implementation of the foregoing. "
The ministry confirmed that "it is working to find alternatives to achieve an increase in the production of oil derivatives, because the troubled provincial security stability requires more than the provision of oil derivatives, and the ministry unable to do so because of the destruction of the line carrier of the refinery and the inability to transport crude oil volumes required a large number of Alihuziat up to 300 daily tanker. "

She continued, "After enable the ministry of access to the Chinese refinery rose from the North Refineries technical team visited the refinery, which found that he had suffered damage and theft of electricity generators and some of the equipment by Daash, and after the evaluation it became clear that the security situation is not stable full and sustainable which is what it takes to run the refinery pump output, so the study of the subject by a body of opinion in the ministry and after discussion the decision was made to transfer production units with a cadre of operation and maintenance on a temporary basis to refineries Najaf and Diwaniyah, Samawah, replay until the final stability of the region, knowing that these units had been transferred from other refineries to refinery Chinese, for the purpose of bridging the growing need for petroleum products and the difficulty of providing money to import as well as operating a cadre North refineries company, which enjoys a vacation mandatory Baladavy to the existence of basic services required, electricity, steam, reservoirs, water sources ... etc., appropriately when distributed to refineries mentioned and not check it at all moved to one of the sites mentioned.

She stressed that "the ministry's decision was purely professional goal to provide oil derivatives and fill the needs of citizens, as well as the operation of labor and the fulfillment of the obligations of the ministry.