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03-08-2016, 12:10 PM
The local currency to invest in global stock (http://www.bondladyscorner.com/t164076-the-local-currency-to-invest-in-global-stock#209246)
Specialists in economic affairs efforts in the search for exits reduce the impact of financial distress on Iraq, the adoption of mechanisms to elevate the Iraqi dinar entered through international exchange dealings continue.
Specialist on global stock Osama Mahmoud said that minimize the effects of the financial crisis on the Iraqi economy requires action on the adoption of new procedures and solutions can be adopted for the next stage.
He noted in an interview for »morning« that the most important solutions to the current crisis is to enter into the world of the stock market and two-way are the public sector (http://www.ashford.com/us/watches/sector/cat6057.cid?pn=brand) and the private sector, the government sector (http://www.ashford.com/us/watches/sector/cat6057.cid?pn=brand) will find multiple solutions contribute to the alleviation of the financial crisis through the entry of the dinar in the stock market and they can be to buy the local market requirements of the markets global through it and thus encourage investment in Iraqi dinar and thus the amount of hard currency out into the world markets.

Strengthening of the currency

He said the entry of the Iraqi dinar in the stock market will reduce drafts and eliminates the black market and thus prevent the fluctuation of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar, as well as he would give the strength and momentum of the Iraqi economy through the strengthening of the local currency in the global market, adding that he Aaufer citizen support in food prices, where the purchase of food commodities producer and president international prices without the presence of mediations increase the cost of a food item.
A second income

The solutions to be provided by the stock market simple citizen is represented few savings simple citizen and could be a second source of income which can use these savings in the stock markets and thus achieve financial gains not too bad to be helped him in improving the Personal Financial Situation, as well as the availability of key goods that citizens need in Prime in his daily life at constant rates unchanged in value, and given the economic stability of the citizen away from the greed of traders who controls the destiny of the people by manipulating prices change on the pretext of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate.
Here it must be noted that the stock market is part of the many solutions on the Iraqi economic arena as well as the many solutions that will improve the economic situation of the country away from compromising the income of ordinary citizens.
Price changes

And passes Iraq a severe financial crisis as a result of the country's dependence on oil as the main source of funding and thus put the country's economy likely to fluctuate with changes in oil prices in world markets, and with lower prices to record highs, the oil market has not seen since the nineties of the last century, the economy is stymied, with an estimated the deficit in the Iraqi budget according to the latest official statements by about 34 billion Iraqi dinars.