View Full Version : Mutalibi: SIIC rejects being part of SLC in next PCs elections

12-23-2012, 07:28 PM
Sunday, 23 December 2012 19:24

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Baghdad (AIN) –The member of the State of Law Coalition, Saad al-Mutalibi, confirmed that the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, rejected to be a part of the SLC in the next Provincial Councils elections.

He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "The SIIC is so close to the SLC and there are no disputes between them," noting that "After negotiations, the SIIC refused to join next PCs elections as a part of the SLC."
"The viewpoints of the SLC, SIIC did not join single Coalition in next PCs elections due to differences in viewpoints concerning the political issues," he concluded.
The Independent High Electoral Commission announced registering 36 alliances that will participate in next PCs elections.