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03-28-2016, 03:22 PM
Abadi speaks of new oil agreements


Shafaq News / The head of the government Haider Abadi, the need to reconsider the agreements with the oil companies in the light of developments in the global situation and the large drop in oil prices.

This came during a meeting with Chairman of Russia's LUKOIL (http://www.ecampus.com/bk_detail.asp?isbn=9780597101007&referrer=CJ) Faguyt Alekperov and his accompanying delegation.
He said Pia government that al - Abadi said , "our interest in the oil sector (http://www.ashford.com/us/watches/sector/cat6057.cid?pn=brand) is linked to potential of our country in the production and export of oil in quantities commensurate with the status ofIraq as a producer of chairman as well as an end to the phenomenon of natural gas , which was suffering burn waste of that wealth. "

He stressed the need to resolve outstanding issues with Lukoil (http://www.ecampus.com/bk_detail.asp?isbn=9780597101007&referrer=CJ) and reach a fair agreement that guarantees oil energy investment better.
the president reviewed the company stages of work in the West Qurna and seeking a project to reach the rate of 1.2 million barrels per day , as well as associated gas investment rather than burn it .

He Abadi on the need to reconsider the oil agreements with companies in the light ofdevelopments in the international situation big drop in oil prices.
as the face of the oil Ministry to begin negotiations with Lukoil (http://www.ecampus.com/bk_detail.asp?isbn=9780597101007&referrer=CJ) and achieve increases in oil production and investment associated gas volumes.