View Full Version : Video: What the central bank says about the falsification of Iraqi banknotes?

04-13-2016, 09:10 PM
Video: What the central bank says about the falsification of Iraqi banknotes?

The safety of Iraqi banknotes large and immunity from attempts at counterfeiting and forgery, the issue was confirmed by a number of officials during the seminar hosted by the Central Bank in collaboration with two German companies concerned to print the currency, which contain many of thesecurity tags (http://www.shoplet.com/afred2.xgi?url=http://www.shoplet.com/office/db/SIG803.html&pt=cj).
In this context, Nabil Sobrh, chairman of the German company, said: "The trading without the required safety expose us to significant loss or for a foul Laws rank and a money laundering or money laundering."
He said Ihsan al-Yasseri, from the Central Bank of Iraq: "Congress wanted to emphasize the Iraqi banknotes immunity and the inability to warping, especially considering the three banknote categories 25_50_ 10 contains 15 security sign."
The central bank stressed the importance of the Iraqi national currency support, expressed surprise at the suggestion of some politicians to use foreign currency rather than in the national distribution of salaries.
Keywords Ali, head of the central bank, he said: "Some of the proposals in the previous period with the regret of politicians in the media as to why not use foreign currency instead of national Cdolar in the distribution of salaries to Moazvin and the truth of these proposals odd."
The central bank confirms put strict sanctions on banks that seep in depositing bogus securities up to a limit of fines five hundred percent of the cash value of the paper.Video