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04-18-2016, 01:36 PM
Central Bank of Iraq: Iraqi dinar is ahead of many European countries

Agencies 231 2016-4-17http://annabaa.org/aarticles/fileM/57137037676e1.jpg
The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords, the Iraqi dinar is ahead of many European countries, referring to the bank's search for the best technologies in the issuance of paper cash category or change continuously.
Keywords and he said in a seminar held in Baghdad, today, about the Iraqi currency and ways to maintain them, "The Iraqi dinar Bmoasfath current techniques is ahead of many European countries, adding that the bank is proud that the specifications and techniques used in the printing of the Iraqi banknote advanced in many countries, and even developed countries, noting that Iraq was progressing even on the European countries to the implementation of specifications developed in the currency, which closed the ports of these technologies which claim to distort currency.
Keywords and added that the German company that made the printing of Iraqi currency has great potential in providing the best specifications, accuracy and security of the Iraqi currency, pointing out that some of the international companies apologized to implement such security tags because of the great development of the user in the security tags in them.
The Governor of the Central Bank that the banknote was counterfeit will be a weapon against the bank itself and will be able to Mejran to carry out criminal and terrorist result, noting that "the bank's monetary authority we have to take that into account and give privacy to achieve the meanings so that the development and the search for the best technology process is guided by issuing paper or change continuously. "