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05-31-2016, 11:20 AM
Kanani: IMF loan makes Iraq subject to international economic standards (http://nenosplace.forumotion.com/t66360-kanani-imf-loan-makes-iraq-subject-to-international-economic-standards#109428)
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Counting of the economic and investment commission member of the Parliamentary Ahmed Kanani, on Sunday, Iraq's new funds from the International Monetary Fund, a step in the right direction to make Iraq is under international economic standards.[/SIZE]
Said Kanani, L / balance News /, said that "Iraq borrow from the International Monetary Fund makes Iraq abide by international standards and conditions, namely that Iraq abide by mandatory."

He added that "those conditions will join the administrative affairs of the Iraqi economic system, in terms of customs duties and foreign companies dealing with investment, as well as how the funds and the benefits of operational, investment and Almoisntin management."
And Abizaid, "with evidence that IMF lending condition when Iraq to stop the grades,being the budget carrying large sums of money."
He stressed Kanani, that "the IMF loan is a positive step in the situation in Iraq under the international system, which applies economic criteria Altikhaddm Iraqi economic reality, as well as its importance to the country under the current circumstances."
It is said that the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and international partners have agreed, in the May 19, 2016, to give Iraq a loan of $ 15 billion at an interest rate of 1.5%