View Full Version : Anbar tribal council: the government incapable to meet the demands of Iraqi people

12-27-2012, 05:56 PM
27/12/2012 16:59:00 Ramadi / NINA /--Anbar tribal council confirmed in a statement today that the government failed to meet the demands of Iraqi people and currently dragging the country from a crisis to another. Head of Council Hamid Turki said during a speech addressed to the demonstrators in Anbar,: " Anbar tribes are expressing their unity and their rejection of tyranny and abuse demanding usurped rights by the government. Meanwhile MP for the IS coalition Ahmed al-Alwani said in a speech to the protesters that most cities of Iraq's provinces are now involved in the demonstrations and sit-ins calling on the government to end the policy of exclusion. The Popular Committees who organizing the sit-in of Anbar confirmed that on Friday next there will be a unified prayers in all the cities of Anbar in (Friday of Dignity). http://www.ninanews.com/english/News_Details.asp?ar95_VQ=GFFLKJ