View Full Version : Congratulations .. Congratulations embezzlement Central Bank reached record highs

06-13-2016, 10:25 PM
Congratulations .. Congratulations embezzlement Central Bank reached record highs

Mon 06/13/2016 11:06


Revealed a senior government source, on Sunday, from reaching the waste in central bank reserves because of the "volatile instruments" about $ 8.5 billion within the last six months only.

The source told "tomorrow Press," "This waste comes in conjunction with thedecline in state revenues from oil, and the approaching end of the financial stockpiling the Finance Ministry, "adding that" the latest figures indicate the existence of waste within the past two months up to 2.552 billion dollars from the stock of the central bank. "

he explained that" how much they sold central bank Mzhadath amounted to $ 5.8 billion, while what Astorda Iraq ,according to customs is $ 3.3 billion, which means go $ 2.5 billion to the black market, in the form of instruments volatile ", stressing that he will unveil soon a list of senior officials implicated in volatile instruments names.

the source continued , " recently got a package of bills traders held by the central bank, and discovered the existence of many of them false, but the central bank to turn a blind eye forgery clear the bills ,

"noting that" senior members of the House of Representatives are still mainly after volatile instruments and commit the crime of forgery of bills bearing official stamps facilitate their access to large amounts of central bank auctions almost daily. "