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06-13-2016, 10:27 PM
zeroes currency and the value of human06/12/2016 (21:01 pm)peace TailorExperimented discharge fifty thousand Iraqi dinars (two cards of the two categories of twenty - five thousand Iraqi dinars) in the Office of Banking in Amman - capital of Jordan -. Rmgueni man Sairafi glance doubt Orabtna, closed desk drawer nervously doubtful, and apologized without tact: sorry do not deal in Iraqi dinars........... Itried discharge papers twenty - five thousand Iraqi dinars animate the prestigious Bank of London, stared British employee Borkta currency amazingly clear, then Rmguetna look Ashfaq apologized politely: not dealing currency failed continent go!...... ..who said that the country 's currency imprint of his thumb and prestigious identity? Who said it was the other side of prosperity and stability , and the elevation of his people and the value of rights in its lands?Yes .. It 's a God as well.We read in seven years (archive personal news) about the intention of the Central Bank of Iraq (Avenue) to the deletion of three zeros from circulation - the currency in which described Balmitrhlh - to become a paper thousand dinars, dinars and one no more, and ten thousand ten dinars only. And one million dinars a hundred, and the trillion .. well.In the seventies and eighties of the last century periods - despite the gravity and magnitude of the illness, and the meager Amuallol - The caretaker Iraqi dinar price in Iraqi banks equal to three dollars, today became the price of the Iraqi dinar is approaching pennies .almtdat, even ventured discharge thousand Iraqi dinars in any bank (Iraqis) to Rmqk employee with suspicion, and perhaps used the security of the bank, to bring it with you!......... ..Do the currency exchange rate - in the global markets and stock exchanges, a positive correlation with the value of rights in his homeland? This is the question that should be directed to the people of the contract and the solution in Iraq, those who care about them, and those who care for Lara Sidin and spectators - together - or killers of innocent people who are on the waiting list.