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06-21-2016, 08:17 PM
Banks raise Iraq's Stock Exchange

Tuesday 21-06-2016 | 3:19:52

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Twilight News / general index of the Stock Exchange of Iraq ended the trading session on Tuesday at an altitude of 0.81% for the third consecutive day, to a level Al513.41 points to win 4.10 points to its value.
It was treated at 1.094 billion shares valued at 768.45 million dinars, distributed over 469 transactions.
Issued gainers Tigris and Euphrates Bank by 9.09%, as the Iraqi Investment Bank rose by 7.14%.
In contrast, the losers Gulf Insurance shares issued by 2.78%, and the Asia-Cell Telecom dropped by 1.12%.
The general index of the Iraqi market for securities trading closed Monday, a rise of 0.73%, a winning 3.70 points, reaching the level of 509.31 points.

06-22-2016, 03:36 AM
My eyes and hopes are on the market, I think and have always thought that if you don't have boots on the ground like Citi. The ISX is the best place to make good profits. I love it when good news comes through about the exchange. The next great think that i wait for is Warka relisted. Thanks Batman.