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07-03-2016, 09:13 PM
Iraq new 500-dinar note with Kurdish reported (http://banknotenews.com/files/061cce14b05f2642f08a36f4501c69d4-3963.php)

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For more than five years, the Central Bank of Iraq has planned to remove three zeroes from the banknotes and add Kurdish text. To date the efforts to revalue the dinar have failed to come to fruition, but as this note demonstrates, the addition of Kurdish text is apparently underway. Contact us if you have information on whether the bank has announced plans to add Kurdish to other denominations.

http://banknotenews.com/files/iraq_cbi_500_dinars_2015.00.00_b357a_pnl_19_701750 5_f.jpghttp://banknotenews.com/files/iraq_cbi_500_dinars_2015.00.00_b357a_pnl_19_701750 5_r.jpg
Like B348, but Kurdish text added to lower left and upper right on back, new date (٢٠١٥ - ١٤٣٦), and new signature (Ali Mohsen Ismail).

Courtesy of Musaab Ibrahim.
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