View Full Version : Samarra demonstrators urging in "Friday of pride and dignity," the government to stop

12-28-2012, 09:50 PM
28/12/2012 14:56:00

Tikrit /NINA/--In Samarra the second largest city of Salahuddin province thousands of demonstrators merged after a unified Friday prayers under the slogan of Jomaat al-izzah wal-Karama /Friday of pride and dignity/ carrying banners and slogans condemning the arbitrary and random arrests as well as repressive practices of the security services, the confiscation of freedoms and gagged and sectarian policy.

Sheikh Hamed Diab al-Samarrai Friday preacher said to NINA : Enough is enough against flagrant intentioned ignoring for years our just demands to release of innocent detainees unfair languishing in jails for years, because of detective malicious reports , raping of female detainees , barbaric practices with and detainees to give confessions under duress noting that in front of all such crimes the judiciary stay silent moreover he pointed to what he described as the big disaster " Article IV of anti-terrorism act which is turned into a sword cut our throats under the pretext of implementing the law through