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07-20-2016, 08:26 AM
The stock market looking for investment promotion after


BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi discuss the Iraq Stock Exchange the role of activating the rules of corporate governance contribute to the disclosure of corporate and bank guarantor to attract and promote investment and trading securities , especially for non - Iraqi investors , including contributing to the employment of national savings in cycle Alalaraca economy.

Market and looking through a workshop held on Saturday a draft Help governance ofjoint stock companies and operational performance of the banks listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange, and will discuss the concept and mechanism of action of the guarantor bank, along with trading online discussion for investors. solutions and proposals are due to the workshop offers a number of solutions and proposals aimed at promoting investments indirect sector after discussion with a number of experts and specialists in this field by contributing experts corporate specialists in the Securities and Exchange Commission ,along with a number of academics who are interested in this vital economic sector. the workshop will be held under Iraq 's need to diversify its financial resources from the non - oil sectors which would achieve an integrated economy attracts investors , whether they are Iraqis or non - Iraqis for trading on the Iraq Stock Exchange. electronic publishing and the director of electronic systems in the market Yunus endorsed the use of electronic publishing techniques to increase investment in the stock market and serve investors contribute to increased investment. He explained that the techniques and applications of data dissemination Trading is one of the most important tools relied upon by the investor to communicate with the market and take decisions (selling shares or purchased) during the trading session. unique bourse he noted that despite the difficult conditions experienced by the country , it has only exchange that carried out the new trading system in October of 2014 without resides or attends any technical or expert from «Nasdaq» to Baghdad, stressing that this update was accompanied by adding new equipment and systems dolly contribute to raising the efficiency of the market and increase Rsanth and make it a level of regional markets in terms of the use of international standards that provide better global systems trading environment for broker and investor. Publishing Messaging He endorsed that the market is currently working on the launch of online trading system as well as continuing to work for the establishment of a specialized data center's investors service and intermediaries, explaining that thepublication of trading data in real time to investors inside and outside Iraq greatly contribute in spreading information and raising awareness investment. He pointed out that the use of the immediate deployment techniques conducts financial data about theperformance of joint stock companies for all shareholders, investors and investment funds in a transparent manner that gives the investor a clear vision and correct for any investment company wants its shares, noting that it also contributes to inform investors inall capitalization operations and underwriting , which takes place on Joint Stock Companies as well as media Messaging for each contract executed them trading session reinforcing investor confidence in the Iraqi stock Exchange and ensures the right.[/