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07-20-2016, 01:25 PM
Exchange rate and disinformation


Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam repeated calls by some observers to call for the lifting of the dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies, to the extent that some of those claims up by making the value of thedinar equivalent to one dollar on the grounds that the caloric value of the current criticism is not consistent with the cash reserve ratios, and that the reserves which currently stands at rates around $ 54 billion with nearly 80 tons of gold should be reflected in the local currency value against foreign currencies, which in turn will contribute to the national currency trading in foreign markets !!, with cut and the relevant authorities to silence does not comment on those claims whenever repeated, as if rise above squabbles with such rumors and allegations, leaving the arena media for such and media , known by raising the fallacies over the years after the change, to promote such claims which are usually drowned out by the general public, as easy exits for the crisis the country 's economic, as soon It has been circulating on social networking sites on thegrounds that the central bank had announced since years for the project to delete thezeros !! Ignoring the main objective of the project to delete the zeros and which aims torestore the money supply structure in line with the market data movement and thecountry 's need to invest in an unstable security conditions reflect negatively on the cash handling operations during transactions especially with regard to large sums in buying and selling and trading currency between banks and other institutions operations , so that some social networking pages that calls itself the economic nomenclature, allowed itself to frequently publish such narratives , intentionally or unintentionally, the same that were promoted to project «dollarization» wages more heavily exposed exchange rate fluctuations in price due to the political and economic variables local and international levels.

the silence on what is called the propaganda bubbles may be feasible in some cases, as it was soon collide with reality and disappear, but it may be impossible to double themedia point if shred Almdillon hiring vanities and intentionality and marketing body subject touches the interests of the people, as soon it takes promotional space on social networking, which requires a serious follow - up media from the relevant authorities towhat is said and published, and addressing the media , especially since the surge in these days takes Mdyate rising to undermine all that is beneficial to the country and thepeople. In addition to talking about the subject , such as the position of the cash reserve is in fact a modern potentially more fallacies by what surrounds him from amisunderstanding of monetary policy, To say that the cash reserve ratio should be reflected on the local currency 's value against foreign currencies seems to be true atfirst glance with it is a modern late frequently for damage to this reserve on the impact of the continuing work of the Central auction day to finance foreign trade in conjunction with the decline in the proportion of foreign currency revenues due to lower oil prices, since this reserve juxtaposition of about $ 80 billion before the oil collapse was not in the day the central database that will the lifting of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar to considerations relating to the price values ​​of criticism about the economic reality Rei ,where the real sectors suffer from almost complete paralysis and Taatekz market movement on the outer import and activates the parallel market as a result of lack oflegal and procedural system to the economy of a real market is complete, how can central to submit the amendment to the value of the dinar equivalent to one dollar in these days? Are there there is no doubt Baksidih this invitation?

On the other hand, the national currency trading outside the country would have a positive impact to buy more goods and services for the benefit of the country, but this will reflect negatively on the national economy unless Tekken there have the largest share in thegross domestic product , real sectors, as well as to raise the exchange rate would have a serious impact on both the consumer and the wages of labor and raw materials in thelocal market prices, which means the high cost of generating unit over imported counterparts, and therefore damage the local product and disable it at a time when thegovernment is seeking to activate all sectors in order to diversify revenue, and therefore, our national currency will be a commodity in the speculative financial market as a haven winner no more at this stage or that, and this would damage the monetary bloc puttable, amounting to 40 trillion dinars only .. the national currency trading rates outside thecountry regarding the class basis in and a solid economy (diversified economy revenue of rising contribution of all sectors, particularly the real sector in the gross domestic product, along with the importance of higher cash income rates in the external balance and stability of payments in the monetary system as well as financial openness , which contribute significantly to the circulation rates, which requires the presence of a system banker healthy simulates the existing developments in the global banking industry, not necessarily the value of the currency is high, and our guide the Japanese yen, because of Japan 's cash reserve 1.265 trillion as of the yen around 94 yen to the dollar as theJapanese government is trying with all its capabilities should not make yen rises against the dollar because every cent rise in which the yen is causing big losses for theJapanese economy, meaning that the reserve does not necessarily mean that isreflected in the rise in the exchange rate of the local currency, as this would bedetermined by economic data