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07-20-2016, 09:23 PM
By John Lee.
The UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has announced that it is conducting a criminal investigation into Unaoil, the Monaco-based company that has been implicated in an international corruption scandal.
A statement from the SFO called for information relating to the allegations:
“The SFO is conducting a criminal investigation into the activities of Unaoil, its officers, its employees and its agents in connection with suspected offences of bribery, corruption and money laundering. *
“We have been approached by a number of sources who may have information relevant to this investigation.* If you have any information please contact us through our secure and confidential reporting channel.” (https://www.sfo.gov.uk/contact-us/reporting-serious-fraud-bribery-corruption/)
According to The Guardian, Rolls-Royce, Petrofac and Halliburton are among the dozens of multinationals reported to have hired Unaoil, which acts as an agent to help companies secure business in unfamiliar overseas markets.
(Sources: The Guardian, SFO)

Source: Iraq-BusinessNews.com. (http://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2016/07/20/uk-opens-criminal-investigation-into-unaoil/)

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