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12-30-2012, 11:11 PM

30/12/2012 16:59:00

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Baghdad / NINA / The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq said that he was subjected to an assassination attempt today while attending the Anbar sit-in, which led to the injury of members of his protection team and damaging the official convoy vehicles as a result of bullets.

A statement for the office issued today 30, Dec said: "The demonstrators welcomed Deputy Prime Minister upon his arrival to the sit-in site, but some elements trying to dissuade protesters from achieving their legitimate demands, attempted cowardly to assassinate al-Mutlaq among protestors . "

The statement noted out that Deputy Prime Minister renewed, during his meeting with the demonstrators, standing with all their legitimate demands, which including the right to peaceful demonstration and sit-in, calling on the security forces and the military not to intervene and protect the protesters .

Mutlaq called demonstrators of Anbar and other Iraqi provinces to renounce wayward , so as to raise their voices and achieve their legitimate demands, according to the statement.

The statement stressed al-Mutlaq's hard stance and his support for the protesters' demands in " achieving justice under the civil state believes in the importance of individual rights and guarantee him a free and dignified life, irrespective of religion or nationality or race."

A source in the committee organizing Anbar sit-in told the reporter of / NINA / "The protestors refused that Mutlaq getting up to the podium to deliver his speech and chanted against him, describing him lire , which led a number of his bodyguards to open fire on demonstrators, injuring a number of them with various injuries."

A medical source said later that one of the wounded died in the hospital.