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12-31-2012, 04:45 AM
 Mosul / Nevzat Hmedin

While other busy places of the world, New Year, and exchange wishes and invitations better Bakadm, the Iraqi cities, including Mosul, witnessing protests and demonstrations for the rights and "cut the road in front of a new dictatorship." Ammar al-Sabawi these words, having taken a spokesman for one of the TV stations camera, then pointed the finger of angry crowds of protestors: "We will not leave the place before the implementation of our demands."
The Nineveh provincial council gave Saturday, the central government three days to respond to the claim of the demonstrators, declaring a general strike in government departments to maintain and threatened mass resignation unless the government responded to the demands of the demonstrators.
And Ammar, a teacher at a primary school consists of (caravans) west of Mosul, and live in the house of mud within neighborhood random south, spends its third day in the yard free on the right side of the city of Mosul, where sit the restoration of rights (also called the protesters on the policies of the central government).
Stop a group of young people carrying a large banner that read (ask to replace the army and federal police to local police), and pointed to a nearby building incomplete construction covered with banners: "This is a tree for our deliverance, and wait for gifts Maliki." Lost Ammar among the crowd, rising after the vote, (people want to overthrow the regime), (they arrived news of Anbar people Mosul Dhulh are free), (peaceful, peaceful), (O owners Shell thee this people wants you), and then there was silence shortly before abuzz applause, after a bearded man ascended one of the walls, and kept delivers a speech through a loudspeaker carry.
While announcing the allocation of the Sunni Endowment, Liberal Square for public occasions, to prevent the security services of the intervention, there was a festive atmosphere in the place, and increased enthusiasm, to reduce something from the cooler air, and disappointment at the absence of officials, specifically members of the Nineveh provincial council.
Ammar Sabawi appeared again with Ghanem Abid, a spokesman for the protesters, and the latter confirmed that the provincial council did not find but to comply with the demands of the masses, and decided to declare the strike for three days, with the lifting of the requests of the protesters to the prime minister, and in case it is not implemented, we will announce civil disobedience.
Then added, Ghanem, the Council did not raise demands in full, and then remove the paper from his pocket and began reciting: we demand the release of detainees from prisons and detention centers, and stop targeting sectarian, and to refrain from policy fabricating files, and the enactment of a general amnesty, and the abolition of anti-terrorism law, especially Article IV thereof.
Dozens of protesters Bmlamham enthusiastic, gather around Ghanem, and his voice rises: "We must cancel the work certificate confidential informant being has been engaged in different circumstances, and only to the penal code Iraqi and texts, and to compensate the families of the detainees innocent, and the abolition of the law of accountability and justice to ensure genuine national reconciliation, balance in all state institutions and private military and security, and direct operational procedures necessary to do so, and the allocation of grades for the return of former Iraqi army officers, and directed the army from the cities and not sticky in political disputes, with the passage of the law of the Federal Court, and ensure the independence of the judiciary and end the farce files fabricated for the purpose of qualifying political ".
Din place applause, and Ola cheering (with our blood we will redeem you Iraq), and walked sitters repeat the itinerary circular inside the arena, it continues this way half an hour, before rising loudspeaker announcement moved delegation from the demonstrators and protests are Square Liberal Anbar province, to join to existing demonstrations there.
The sound Ammar may Bh of cheering and screaming, the moment he returned happily: "expelled member of the Nineveh provincial council, came Leger Aatsamana for him," and then said he lifted my finger victory sign responsive to a similar movement of his colleagues: "We will not allow anymore to one that Istglna ".