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07-31-2016, 04:15 AM
2016/07/30 18:39

Keeper sets 2017 launch date for electronic currency

Baghdad/Obelisk: select the Governor of the Central Bank on Saturday, relations, 2017 launch date for electronic currency through electronic dinar or e-cards, except that it will facilitate communication between State institutions.

He said the relationship in an interview with the local media and followed, "the Obelisk", "next year 2017, will launch the electronic currency after the Central Bank of the infrastructure needed to operate electronic payment through the electronic dinar or e-cards, facilitating communication between State institutions", stating that

"the end of this year or next year will directly work on new Central Bank building.

He added that relations "and economic challenges facing the country depends on oil prices improved as President of financial budget funded for the country", adding that

"there are indications demonstrate near the high oil prices in the world market."

08-01-2016, 03:42 AM
Are we there yet? This should have been about seven years ago.

dinar shore
08-01-2016, 04:12 AM
Blah, blah, blah....Nobody knows nothin' just continuing to kick the 'dinar can' down the road. Now the self-imposed dinar 'Gurus' have extended the date into 2017. The only people profiting in this 'speculation' are the websites and the dinar dealers. I've been in this rat race for over 12 years. Anybody got some Xanax?