View Full Version : The central bank sets a mandatory five points for banks, companies and warns of legal

08-06-2016, 04:06 PM
The central bank sets a mandatory five points for banks, companies and warns of legal accounting

06-08-2016 03:49 PM


Central Osdralpennek Alaraca, documents which obliges all private banks 'approved' companies Almala, conversion and corporate broker for buying and selling currencies Alajunbah, b 5 Anagat, warning Ayaha, legal accounting if it has Mkhalvh, those 'practices' five.

The documents Aly, open the central bank 'email' receives through all the applications and proposals submitted by the Alamlae, indicating that the central bank governor will brief directly to the lists in the e -mail referred to in the documents.

She stressed that the 'mediate when figures or Kianat, directly or indirectly , ordered Merfod', tight ' to inform the Central Bank in any way (blackmail) by Mozver, for a stroll and other transactions. "

08-06-2016, 04:06 PM
The central bank addresses the banks and the conversion and commitment to mediate bank standards

Saturday, August 6, 2016 12:56

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BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ...

warned the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, Saturday, private banks and money transfer companies and corporate broker in the sale and purchase of foreign currencies and commitment to addressing the bank's standards directly if there are any problematic.

According to documents obtained by / Baghdadi News /, that "some claim of having been subjected to blackmail by the employees for their stroll treated at the central bank and these are often motivated by grooming for mediation or intervention, this dangerous practice."

According to the document, "The Governor of the Central Bank refuses to mediate when persons or entities," noting that "This is reason to doubt take a cautious attitude," and stressed that "some of the Bakeel accusations Central Bank and defaming those responsible for the conduct of transactions in the bank and this is bad for the bank."