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08-09-2016, 05:52 PM
Diwaniyah administrationis seeking to keep hard currencytolimit banking offices unlicensed

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Term Lierse / Diwaniya
Revealed the governor of Diwaniyah Sami Hasnawi, on Tuesday, all attempts to keep hard currency by reducing banking offices unlicensed, and as he pointed to the need to organize the work of banking offices and companies money transfer, he stressed that the central bank authorized local governments authority to grant banking companies leave the practice of the profession .

Sami al-Hasnawi, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "an expanded meeting of a cell of the economic crisis, held today at the Office of the province, with a number of owners of banking companies, search maintain hard currency manipulation and fraud, pursued by some currency traders of illegal mechanisms "noting that" the meeting discussed the granting of work permits to legally banking offices, to reduce the phenomenon of chaos and illegal activities, affecting negatively and directly in the province's economy mechanisms. "

He Hasnawi, that "the owners of banking companies raised during the meeting, a number of problems and obstacles that hinder their work, due to the entry of many Translated to work, which was born a lot of fraud and cheating methods," adding that "the phenomenon of remittance unlicensed offices, showed a lot of cases of fraud and forgery, in which the victim is the citizen. "

He Hasnawi, to "reduce the spread of offices unlicensed keep hard currency in the province markets and restore confidence between the citizen and the company's financial transformation," pointing out that "the central bank authorized local governments authority to grant work banking offices leave, in accordance with legal procedures and the involvement of actors oversight. "

He Hasnawi, said: "This will contribute significantly to the reduction of front companies and to protect the local economy from the chaos and sabotage," stressing that "the granting banking licenses procedures include several points, including the possession of sufficient capital and expertise and university certificate, and full-time work, and not be convicted it a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude. "

Diwaniya is suffering from a severe economic crisis due to government austerity and the lack of sources of oil and finance and tourism border, the scarcity of jobs has led to high rates of poverty in which 43% according to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Planning.