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08-11-2016, 06:58 PM
Central facilitates the process of getting on the dollar


BAGHDAD - morning , the
central bank confirmed his quest to facilitate the real beneficiaries for the dollar and prevent irregularities in private banks and money transfer through two 's commitment todisclosure requirements, investigate sources of money customers in accordance with theprinciple of (Know Your Customer).
He stressed the statement of the bank on the need for the commitment of companies and banks mentioned rules and standards to meet their applications to buy dollars for thebenefit of their customers (remittances, credit, cash) which includes comply with therequirements and standards of international compliance, controls and regulations issued on the basis of him , according to the results of the central bank 's assessment of theperformance of compliance officers and officials of the units reporting of money laundering and terrorist financing , and units of existing risk management at operations money transfer and private banking businesses.
He pointed to the need to comply with the requirements to disclose and investigate the sources of money customers ( the principle of know your customer) and verified and documented, indicating the extent of the role of the effectiveness of training programs and courses organized by companies and banks, and the extent of the obligation todisclose the real direct beneficiary of the money orders and documentary credits and sources his money. He called the bank in his statement to the completion of the contract tasks with an international audit firms known to conduct evaluation of the financial centers of the companies money transfer and private banks and the quality of their assets operations, as well as the extent of the banks commitment to take prompt and effective measures to maintain public deposits and entitlements to be provided upon request. And the importance of adhering to send lists of the names of the beneficiaries of the dollar buying for the purposes of foreign trade financing to the Central Bank to secure the bodies sent to the customs and taxes in a timely manner.