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08-15-2016, 10:31 AM
Iraq is heading toward financial stability


BAGHDAD morning
heading Iraq during the next term to financial stability in case of compliance with all theeconomic and political reforms together, especially with the end to the existence of a gang «Daash» terrorist in the country and the liberation of its territory, which would ease thefinancial burden on the state.
Rapporteur of the Finance Committee Ahmed al - Haj Rashid stressed that «Iraq can safely make financial stayed with him, if he was able to abide by all the economic reforms , which must be matched by political reforms and administrative», Rashid said in a statement to «morning»: the «Iraq is heading toward financial stability, especially that some of the conditions of the international Monetary Fund for Iraq, including the issue ofobligations on Iraq that must be postponed because the financial situation is not good enough », noting that Iraq 's recovery is linked to factors subjectivity of the state.
He MP Rashid, to the presence of reforms in the tax side and expenses, in addition to support from the international Monetary Fund and the World Bank international loans from Germany and others, and between that «Iraq should Atakecv roughly $ 16 billion over the next three years, because the position does not bear large expenses, and therefore there is a deficit accumulated budget will be covered from the international and domestic loans».
Furthermore, he indicated by the economic Committee Najiba Najib to that end «Aldoaash» and the liberalization of land will be a stepping stone to business point and direction of the economy, saying in a statement to «morning»: the «the existence of agang« Daash »is a big obstacle to Iraq, it adds his military and financial commitments, and ending« Daash »means reduced financial expenses, directing a lot of financial allocations for reconstruction projects that will provide better citizen».
Najib confirmed that «laid plans by the government economic initiatives, very good and entered the implementation phase, there are small, medium and large size of more than six trillion projects Iraqi dinars , which will generate revenues and stimulate the economy in the near future »and showed the MP that the economic crisis in the country needs time to end it because of Iraq is unable to diversify its economy and sources of thebudget, especially as the security situation in the implementation of economic plans and expansion by the advent of international companies to invest in Iraq.[