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08-23-2016, 01:32 AM
Central Bank: Class {100} thousand dinars printed and waiting for the right time to put forward

{Baghdad} Euphrates News Central Bank announced the printing and design a model for a class {100} thousand dinars, while noting that the leaves put on the market until they choose the right time.
The bank adviser said Walid Idi told {Euphrates News}, said on Monday that " thecategory of {100} thousand dinars printed and is designed such a model , and we will choose the right time to put on the market."
He added that "put on the market will help to stimulate the economy through operations exchanges between traders and commercial transactions between theoperating companies, "as well as the category of the {100} thousand easy storage and load and is designed along the lines of international currencies if the high - level system security , it is difficult to counterfeit."
He noted that "put on the market requires , inter alia, campaign media promotions to get to know them, and being equal to or close to the category of the {100} the US dollar. "
He added Idi that" the decision left to the board of Directors and County, Keywords, on put up for trading in the market. "
in the opinion specialists in economic affairs that the central bank issuing cash currency 100 thousand dinars category comes to control the construction ofmonetary policy keep pace with economic conditions experienced by Alarac.

08-24-2016, 01:07 PM
Urgent from iraqi tv:

Cbi will issue 100,000 dinars , also cbi promised to issue small metal categories .