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09-05-2016, 12:57 PM
Iraq Stock Exchange achieved a rise in the value of stocks and a decline in their number during August

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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Iraq Stock Exchange, announced on Monday, about 84.637 billion shares traded during the month of August, worth 47.433 billion dinars, while confirming the high value of shares traded compared to a decline in number.
The executive director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Iraq Stock Exchange organized during the month of August, 0.21 trading session firms systemic market and 14 meeting of the second market for companies, and that the market did not organize two sessions in the first two days to Tzamenhma with a public holiday due to high temperatures, "noting that" the number of listed companies in the market over the past month, reached 96 company, where the number of companies that have been publicly traded on the market 62 company, while the total number that have not been traded is 13 ".
He said Abdel-Salam, the "stalled companies from trading decision of the Securities Commission amounted to 21 companies due to non-submission of annual disclosure in 2015," adding that "the value traded in the market for the month of August, shares, amounted to 47.433 billion dinars, up from the month of July, which amounted to at the time 39.562 billion dinars, while the number of shares traded in the month of August dropped compared with July, as the number in August totaled 84.637 billion shares, compared with 131.927 billion shares during July. "
The Abdel-Salam, that "purchased shares of non-Iraqis amounted to 14.065 billion shares were traded through 526 buyout valued at 4.327 billion dinars from the trading of shares of 19 listed company, including it Almottagabl intended to united the number of 11 billion shares the bank," pointing out that " shares sold by non-Iraqis stood at 560.569 million shares were traded through 404 transactions sale, valued at 565.909 million dinars from trading five companies listed company's shares. "
And on the market index (ISX60) pointed Abdul Salam, that "the index closed at the end of August 2016 at 560.730 points, down 1.4% compared to its value to close the month of July amounting to 568.770 points."