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09-08-2016, 03:13 PM
Iraq Index rising support bank shares (http://hathalyoum.net/1094405)


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Rose the general index of the Iraqi market for securities by the end of trading supported by shares of the banking sector.

The index rose at the close of trading today , rose 0.89 to the level of 559.34 points, a winner of 4.95 points compared to levels is a hearing yesterday Tuesday.

the support for the index rising bank stocks, which saw 10 shares today rises 0.8 , including in the banking sector topped gainers credit Bank by 5.71, also issued trading value of about 74.23 million dinars.

as ascended Bank of Mosul shares 5 issued share trading volumes to 314.9 million shares, as the United Bank rose 4.55. ,

while shares of hotels fell today, dropping Baghdad declined the most hotel today by 1.1, and falling shares Ashur Hotel 0.97.

The increased trading volumes today to up to 737.06 million shares from 288.98 million shares a session yesterday, rising values ​​to 365.18 million dinars , compared to 163.47 million dinars a session on Tuesday.