View Full Version : Mutlaq accuses members of al- Iraqiya of trying to assassinate him

01-01-2013, 09:00 PM
Tuesday, 01 January 2013 12:35

http://www.shafaaq.com/en/images/2013/1/1/63044.jpgShafaq News / The Deputy of the Prime Minister for Services Affairs , Saleh al-Mutlaq accused his partners in al- Iraqiya List of trying to assassinate the "National" project by the attempt to assassinate him "personally", while stressing that the members of al- Iraqiya List killed the general amnesty law.
Mutlaq had announced on Sunday that he was exposed to an assassination attempt after he tried to participate in a sit-in in Anbar province.
Mutlaq said at a news conference on the sidelines of a meeting with the elders of Anbar province, attended by "Shafaq News", that "some of them and do not say all of them planned to assassinate the national project by the assassination of Saleh al-Mutlaq," noting that "one of the demonstrators who were trying to stir up people's emotions asked me to withdraw from the government and suspend my membership, but I told him that the suspension is just a trick as they suspend today and come back tomorrow so do not be tricked by such things. "
Mutlaq said that "I was the first to call for the withdrawal from the political process unless achieving the legitimate demands which are the same demands advocated by the protesters today," accusing the members of al- Iraqiya List of killing the amnesty law by saying, "I had previously promised the masses that the amnesty law will be voted on before Eid al-Fitr but some delayed the parliament sessions two days before Eid.
"Al- Iraqiya has 101 votes, as only 49 attended in the day of voting on the General Amnesty Law and 51 were absent ", adding, "if half of the 51 absentees attended the parliament, we could have pass the amnesty law."

Tens of thousands of demonstrators still gather in Anbar province and cut off the major international roads towards Jordan and Syria.
The protesters are demanding to release of prisoners and cancel the anti-terrorism law and not to "marginalize" the Sunnis in the country.