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10-04-2016, 09:21 AM
We are all part of a campaign in support of our economy .. invitations to invest 130 trillion dinars squandering of citizens

BAGHDAD - The Journal News ,
part of a campaign we all support our economy, called for a number of economic experts, competent government bodies to draw the attention of citizens to the legal safeguards of having their money in state banks to attract more than 130 trillion dinars Ictnha citizens in their homes to say goodbye in banks and invest them in projects development in the country.

He said economic spokesman Antoine expert in an interview (Journal News), said that "recent studies indicate hoarding citizens of more than 130 trillion dinars in their homes as there are only about 10 trillion dinars, government and private banks alike."

"The Iraqi economy is in dire need of money to encourage investment and attract heads money and give assurances through statements made by government officials because the citizens and traders always Maakhcon Admm access to liquidity Aodonha in banks and fear of the collapse of the market and all this is due to the era that are still stuck in people's minds during the siege. "
In a related context, an economist Maitham Laibi that "Heads of money looking for a legal guarantees to secure their money and this responsibility lies with those who at the central bank and the government and private banks, he said, because the law gives immunity to the storehouse of money."
The experts praised the campaign we all support our economy, calling for "the need to interact with them to support the market especially the private sector and increasing labor to form heads the money."
It is said that the campaign we all support our economy, aimed at Iraq's economic support through the promotion of citizen's confidence in the Iraqi currency being the currency solid and backed with Iraq enhanced Iraq's central bank and is backed with metal gold, as the campaign is aimed at building confidence between the citizen and the Iraqi banks and encourage investments and innovations in the field of Alkberh and encourage economic projects National product after years of deterioration in the financial, industrial and agricultural sectors .

10-04-2016, 07:47 PM
hint : stop bankrupting the popular banks and get the internet share dealing up and running