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10-18-2016, 12:01 PM
1600 smart card issuing new covered by social subsidy

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Information / Baghdad ..
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Tuesday, issuing a smart card in 1600 for new covered by social subsidy as well as the issuance of 36 000 No. plexiglass.

The general director of information technology in the social protection body Jamal Bilal in the proxy statement / information /, received a copy of it, "the ministry called by scripts new beneficiaries messages to review the issuance of smart card centers Mstsahban them archives probative on the review of the same head of the family covered are after conducting its audits and the issuance of new networking figure covered, "he said, adding," issued the nearly 36 000 No. plexiglass and that the track was released in 1600 a smart card so far. "

And between Bilal "The ministry began steps to issue smart cards for new covered by conducting the intersection of their data with state officials and government institutions data base and form of pension income tax data," pointing out that "preliminary information revealed the presence of numbers of non-eligible for the subsidy and who have been excluded for the inclusion of eligible actual ".

He added that "the intersection of the data process will continue even after the issuance of the smart card is available, including the Ministry of Information. The new covered will be given the amount of subsidy under the new peace which was approved by the Council of Ministers after a proposal by the ministry, which includes the granting of a man 100 000 dinars and 25 dinars thousand per child up to three children for a total of 175 000 dinars per month, while the increase be for women by 100 thousand dinars and 50,000 dinars per child up to two children and the third 25,000 to a total of 225,000 dinars a month. "