View Full Version : Protestors in Anbar threaten to go to UN, Arab League in force used against them

01-02-2013, 10:50 PM
02/01/2013 20:24:00

Ramadi (NINA) Protestors in Anbar province threatened the Central Government that they will go to the UN and the Arab League if force is used against them.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Jan. 2, in response to the threat of Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, that he will use force if they stay protesting, the protesters said that the threat reflects disregard by the authority of citizens' lives and personal freedoms, as well as laws granting freedom of expression.

Protestors pointed out that they do not represent any particular sect, party or area; rather they represent the helpless Iraqi people and that among protestors in Ramadi representatives from provinces in southern and central Iraq.

In an address to the Iraqi people earlier in the day, Maliki warned from making the protest to serve foreign agendas; warning that security forces are ready to protect public and private properties, as well as to preserve public order and national interest.

Anbar and other provinces are witnessing public protests and demonstrations demanding the release of innocent detainees and bring those who raped female detainees before justice, combat corruption, pass Pardon Law and abolish Article 4-Terrorism.