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10-21-2016, 12:38 PM
They had never mentioned to the government or to the IMF or anybody that they wanted to get it to a buck and then they wanted to get it to $3.25…one of the things that’s interesting as they put out the new currency, when I got into it there was an expected rate of between 4 and 12 cents. The next thing you know there was a report put out about how General Petraeus was saying how popular the dinar was getting inside of Iraq itself. Here’s what people don’t understand…they were alarmed by it. It wasn’t a good thing…we basically put more US dollars into their economy. and they started printing even more notes…adding to the note count at the beginning. You had to have faith with what these guys were doing and saying. Shabibi stated they are adding value to it and eventually we are going to take 75% of those notes out and we’re going to add value to the currency and then we’ll change this currency out and make the denominations a lot smaller…That’s the statement he put out there.

dinar shore
10-23-2016, 05:39 PM
I've been in this IQD chase since the summer of 2004 and I have become skeptical over the years. Can anyone reply on my premise that the CBI could opt to just collect all of the IQD notes in country (Iraq) printed in 2004 and declare that all IQD outside of Iraq be void. The new IQD that was printed recently for security reasons is the official new currency but does that void the IQD that we hold in the USA and other countries? With ISIS stealing billions upon billions from Mosul Bank when the inept buffoon Obama and 'Hillary the Incompetent' botched this event, the CBI has a valid reason to void the 2004+ IQD worldwide.
Someone please tell me that my premises are totally wrong!!!
Your thoughts are appreciated.
Dinar Shore