View Full Version : Allawi demands the Government's resignation

01-04-2013, 06:25 PM
04/01/2013 17:52:00

Baghdad (NINA) Leader of Iraqiya slate, Iyad Allawi, said that there are no solutions but for the government to resign and forming a care taking government until a new election held under the UN supervision.

In a television address, Allawi called for naming an alternative to Maliki, because the current government treats the people in a sectarian way, which is not accepted by the Iraqis; pointing out that current government failed to fulfill the peoples' demands in services and reforms.

Allawi called for not involving the army in domestic issues, such as demonstrations protesting the Government's practices, because the Army's task is to protect the people not pressure the people.

He criticized the Government's measures against inmates causing the death of many as results of torture by security agencies. He also demanded the abolishing of the laws that exclude and marginize many of their works, and fulfill the protestors' demands to release innocent detainees.

On the other hand, Allawi called for keeping the protests peaceful, away from political influences and stay away from sectarian tendencies.