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12-07-2016, 04:53 AM
Bruce: Good Evening Everybody. I am excited. In terms of Intel guys, the Intel we have been putting out has been coming out from my sources only. It is something we want you guys to feel comfortable with and I feel comfortable putting it out. We put it out so you can learn where we are and the status of our situation and so you can be prepared for this blessing.

When you get the Intel from a call, concerning the information, you have to discern and you have find the truth. Sometimes it is tough. Sometimes I hear things that are out there that sort of make you go into different directions. l stay focus and have faith for this. I want to encourage and lift you up. That is my goal in this is to be a facilitator and edify you.

Bruce: In the last day or so, about 4am the banks started recalibrating the rates and the rates started to change and reset. It is called repopulation of the rates. This has been going on for a couple of days. We thought they would be completed, but we still have several not settled in at the time of this broadcast. Yesterday all but 7 countries currencies were settled in and live on the screen and rates were fixed.

Out of 209 countries we had 202 settled in and become solid on the screens live. That left 7 to go. Today two more settled in. One was Saudi Arabian currency, the Riyal. Then the Iraqi Dinar was the other one. Things are happening in Iraq and the Middle East making this thing happen.

Bruce: A text I going to read: We do have this: Relating to Iraq and the Middle East in general. The Islamic Gold Standard Agreement what was holding this RV up from what we understand. The Islamic Gold Standard Agreement was passed. That was huge. The law was changed so the currencies in the Middle East could be gold backed. It was enacted and passed. Certain individuals that need to enter codes are in position to enter codes at any time now.

Bruce: The biggest part of it has to do with the introduction of the gold standard not only in the Middle East but here also. Now we are at the point with the introduction of the gold standard is the soft disclosure and Gesare going through. That is huge. That tells us that we are so close because certain people are signing off documents that need to be sign. The gold standard here backs our USN and the TRN as well. That is what we need to happen.

That is happening now and is very much important. The bond traders are being paid after midnight about 12:01am. They were paid in London, Zurich, Hong Kong, and the US and Canada. Large humanitarian funding sources are receiving their liquidity either now or tonight. They are all getting liquid and hydrated. It is very positive for us.

12-07-2016, 04:54 AM
Bruce: Any other specific Intel we are in a very close rate. This should be our week based on everything going through. The gold standard being passed and bond traders being paid out, the founders of the plan have been paid, and also the Chinese elders are being paid. The church groups that started a couple days ago, 69 percent have been paid as of yesterday afternoon. As far as I know, the church groups do not need to be completely done before we go. They are very close. These are people that put their money up over 5 years ago, and have renegotiated rates at that time.

That has been handled the last two to three days. That has been going on. There are things happening that are new, and things that have yet to occur. The internet group should be the next group to go. We should be next. That is my understanding. We are expecting a toll free number to come through.

If we are allowed, we will put it on our website: thebigcall.net. (http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fthebigcall.net%2F&h=eAQH6X59dAQEriYfocPanBoP42vuyfkyZBmZUl7fNS8SXow&enc=AZPCugPcMLAWEl5hsVH9W-aNvEp0TdnAVrLBo8_Utj8JEF_iduYT7RIPFWQlKTjO9B-RxpRuo9tkRPWPSRhr1p2kgXXGCbJG6m6R_QJw-43SVajaYjJRL5wXZzrwz_jBxDiLM_OeeUSA2C0PiA0HbLA8sBk 3rXqKkX-36uHeDrnH30LXvlom5n0p-VrEu0zXwi7o3E9PYkbrUn18WVtaj5LN&s=1) We will not be emailing people the toll free number. Do not be thinking you will get an email from us. If we are allowed, we will put it out on our website: thebigcall.net. (http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fthebigcall.net%2F&h=-AQG4-q9cAQF_QgqpleGAcAvOwl67SLq2u1MRu7vjvwmGKA&enc=AZM22lqs6Vo63SqU6bjN31PJTP3jJhJ2ClmuYo2HE-T8PlV5RkuAe6c-RjSelOpcCyY8X3p5X1QYIYQ4q-iAkRN2xaCh7jDSwBc-40Hu4qI4N5M1uU9ZeK-c29Lw74CKLY8i_C4E5GgNhkGJh-IxwQC_1QJdPiJwVsKZNnWD_Vco-nbX-Amq6LKIk3Vn7SwP74TvFZqPyW2SDUutiieew0k6&s=1) You can get it there if you haven’t found it somewhere else online.

Bruce: We plan on essentially when this does go through, if it happens say it does before Thursday, we will not do a call on Thursday. We will let you know when our next call would be. Just check our website for future calls and dates. We have a lot to do with our own accounts. This is pre-holiday season, and we want to be sensitive about that. Also we do want to stay in touch and let you know what we plan to do.

Bruce: Intel wise we are about as button up as we can be for this to go. We are waiting for us to be notified. As far as banks are concerned there has been bank cleanup. That has been going on. That wrapped up on Saturday with one of the Banks. Things are really good. Positive things are happening with both HSBC and Wells Fargo perspectives.

There is some nice joint scenario where they are working together on the redemption centers. Redemption centers have been fortified with additional security and services. It is really in a good shape to go to do our exchanges. It is really good, and I am looking forward for it starting and I know you guys are too.

Bruce: We are partnering with HSBC, as the Lead Bank Internationally. Wells Fargo is the lead bank in the United States. Both of them are working side by side in the redemption centers essentially with the help of Abbot Downing. So we will still have the opportunity to partner. Do not forget the other banks we will be working with alongside HSBC we have AIIB, and People Bank of China. We have the top 3 Banks of China that we will be working with.

Also we will be working with our Canadian partners to the north that are the Canadian Banks such as Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Scotia Bank which is not only in Canada but also in the Caribbean. HSBC Bank is International. If you are not sure who to utilize internationally, if you have an HSBC Bank near you or you can travel to a HSBC that is a good starting point if you are outside of the United States.

Also there is the Moca Pocia Bank in Central and South America which is under the HSBC umbrella. Too, down under, we have ANZ Bank and other banks. In the United States we have Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America. All these have been tuned up. I think you are going to see banks here solidate a little bit in the future in the next year or so. There will be some of that process going on. Overall, whoever you decide to bank with there are a good number of private banks.

Do not forget there are also the Tier 2 banks like Fifth Third Bank, Regions Bank, Bank First, Sun Trust Bank, and other region banks. Do not forget your home town banks. I plan on using my home town bank. It is a good little bank. I think we will spread it around. When you are sitting there across from your banking partner, let them know yes I am here to negotiate a higher rate because of the humanitarian projects I plan on doing.

You can go with a straight screen rate and not sign an NDA. I know the NDAs have been reduced. The NDAs that we thought were getting more and more complicated, they have simplified the NDAs. They got the NDA down to a page and to 2 pages. That is even the one that is not the basic one.

You have an NDA that is where the rate is not the high rate but a medium rate on the ZIM. Above that rate you go to where you talk about the projects being 20, 25, even 50 years. That is going to involve a different NDA due to the timing of the projects, longevity of it. Just realize that the sky is the limit.

Set your sites high. Aim high as they say because this kind of a one shot of this type of money. I know it is a whole lot, but just open your eyes in the possibility of going big. Think of the idea of adopting a city, or an Island in the Caribbean. You will have the resources to do it if you negotiate a high rate on the ZIM. It is there. Trust me.

The high rate is there. I don’t care what you read of what certain people say out there. Just realize when it is all done, you have exchanged and you come out you will say Bruce was right. He was right about that. I am just saying. I feel very confident about that.
Bruce: Let us stay positive and ready for it. I think this week is still our week. Even though it is Tuesday we have a lot of week to go. Stay positive with me, Sue, Bob, Ken, and Pastor Steven. I want everybody to do two things. I want everyone to stay ready for this at any moment. Second I want them to take their own health and wellness seriously.

Let just say I do not expect to have a call Thursday. However, we might or might not. I hope we don’t. Let us see what happens. Stay great. Everybody have a great night sleep, and take a deep breath. Thank you everybody. All have a great and beautiful night. Good night.

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Sounds like an absolute load of garbish


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