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12-07-2016, 12:46 PM
Currency torn determines the suitability for trading? .. A lot of us do not realize the extent of banknotes symbolic increasingly towards malpractices such as writing them12-06-2016http://albayyna-new.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/fgo.jpg
BAGHDAD / Investigation Sectionconvey His «Kia» view between the street and the paper of 250 dinars, and examined by a good groping surface for fear of being glued transparent tape. He stretched out his hand over backwards to return it to its rightful owner: «possible change»? Young Driver of the old man asked, was contained last: »Why is Annie character?»! Then start Comments passengers crammed in the small Chinese car between supporters and dismissive of currency trading torn and damaged, and out of them five hundred dinars, painted in black. Another woman refers to cash paper that the driver attributed her 1000 dinars written by the verse!The proliferation of damaged paper currency has become a daily problem and room for discussion and perhaps sometimes quarrel between taxi drivers and buses with their passengers, and between employers and their clients Albesttiyat and even bakeries and ovens become experiencing this problem. But the strangest thing is that some of the beggars are now refusing to extradite torn currency Mahsnin.rpma a lot of us do not realize the extent of banknotes symbolic, increasingly towards malpractices such as writing them by some lovers and researchers to dating, and they are turning to free the paper from the wall by writing numbers and poems and Oboveat. Currency .. notebook! Some accountants and treasurers in the banks to transfer the money to the «notebooks» understand the record number «intensity» them, right down to the wrong storage at each other in places unfit for banknotes, at a time when declining portfolio can be used for exposed coins frequent let alone in the enclaves, most denominations, especially with the value of the 250 and 500 and 1,000 dinars, lost part of its specifications due to repeated use, and lost cohesion and became dilapidated and Mthrih, or been cut or mowing or burning of angles. His «Kia« says: «not a single day passes without that there will be one or more problems with the passengers because banknotes torn», adds Ali Karam (33) years: «When I give the passenger the rest of the fare, which usually consists of small groups; take refuses because it torn, and thus became obliged to that I also reject » the to this just good earner refers travels daily between new Baghdad and Palestine Street - that bus fare is 750 dinars, so always be no problem with the rest of the ground Danar.obiv Hassan «the presence of paper currency damaged causing us a lot of problems. When we go to buy our needs re - seller for us monetary papers torn and connected , but we face many difficult problems in the disposal, whether by shopkeepers or Kia drivers».Aslam nor am I!Owners of banking companies, who change your foreign currency to an Iraqi torn, refuse contrast recognizes local banknote If this Alhal.gosai Saad, owner of a money exchange in the Mansour, confirms that «most banking companies and transfer of funds refuse to extradite torn Iraqi currency». On the other hand he says that he «rejects the received banknotes damaged customers» .mozvon they also receive their salaries in cash cards are corrupted, and find an outlet for marketing discharged are not entitled to object to the Trustees of their constituencies funds on the currency type or Hklha.tcol Alia Abdullah employee government that « the people of accounts« in the official our departments have the classic answer always use it in the case of the protest on paper currency damage: «this is the responsibility of government banks that we received these papers». While another government employee explains that he receives each month in which a salary TDs Mmzkh.obiv leaves Mohammed Ayad , saying: «Sometimes I receive approximately fifty to a hundred thousand dinars from the class of 1000 and most of them are corrupted and do not know where to change it .»Our money and their moneyand pays to talk about the damaged currency, to question a retired waiting under the sun went wrong in his salary, near retirement circle in central Baghdad, where he says: «Are small and fractured groups of all retired right, or the administrator share with us the same carefree ?!» correct. Abu Haider retired teacher had decreased salary in the last two months, due to what has been said of him as the deduction for reasons of austerity, and then discovered that an error occurred in the Department of pension and came to be corrected, he adds: «in the event of a torn and dirty our currency remained scattered writings and figures it will lose value cash and difficult handling , and perhaps get to the refusal to fully accept ».ichir Khaled Salman , an expert in financial matter that he did not know who would be responsible for educating citizens to lift the injustice for our currency. Adding: «that developed countries respect the cash currency, especially leafy ones, they are always keen to keep its currency in circulation continuously» .oichir that financial authorities in the countries of the world, follow the organization 's policies in the «control» its currency and there are ongoing proceedings in the damaged currency withdrawn and replaced , because the interest in the national currency of civilized behavior, one of the sovereignty of nations indicators.Banks and conditionsrequire the banks in exchange for the damaged currency should not be «torn into three pieces», be it « the effects of oil or blood» or be «buried with earth» .otakd Leila Khader employee at Rafidain Bank that « the banks refused to accept banknotes and torn is subject to the controls of the central bank discussed above », adding:» If for some amount of damaged currency can be changed by the central bank, compared to deduct the amount of 10% of the total ».uibin economist Majid picture value that« the currency damaged whatever the class has a significant impact on per capita income level in general because their use affects the level of living »He adds that the picture of « dealing damaged currency is an illegal action », stressing said:» each bank that receives all the stale currency and replace it by new issued by the Central Bank ».okan central bank had announced earlier that it works on the issuance of small coins in Arabic and Kurdish to address liquidity in Iraq. Officials at the bank said that the «Bank» is considering the introduction of coins as part of his plan to restructure the currency.