View Full Version : Naji: Visit of Ahrar delegation to Ramadi, Samara aims to contain the crisis

01-05-2013, 05:06 PM
05/01/2013 19:05:00

Baghdad (NINA) Spokesman for Ahrar bloc, Moshriq Naji, said that the visit of the bloc's two delegations, to Ramadi and Samara comes within the frame of containing the crisis.

In a statement to NINA on Saturday, Jan. 5, Naji said that the two delegations listened to the protestors' demands, pointing out that the delegations received in public welcome, affirming the Iraqi's unity.

He added that officials and tribal chiefs the delegations met with stressed the Iraqis' unity and their rejection to sectarianism.

Earlier in the day, Ahrar's official arrived in Ramadi, heading a delegation consisting of Sadrists' Trend officials aiming to contain the crisis and listen to the protestors' demands.