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01-06-2013, 05:40 PM
Sunday, 06 January 2013 11:32

http://www.shafaaq.com/en/images/2013/1/3/interpol.jpgShafaq News / The international police "Interpol" announced on Sunday, suspending its activities in Iraq in protest at the "lack of impartiality of the judiciary" in Iraq , while kept the form and level of its dealings with Kurdistan Region.
Sources in the General Secretariat of Interpol said in a statement to Asharq al-Awsat Newspaper, briefed by "Shafaq News" that "the Secretariat sent a letter to the Iraqi government informing it with the majority voting of its members not to implement any decisions issued by the Iraqi judiciary after the general Secretariat of the organization was confirmed that these decisions are not neutral, especially the conviction resolutions and sentences issued against some Iraqi figures.Ē
It pointed out that "the Secretariat made sure that the Iraqi courts are under pressure and the dominance of some Iraqi parties in power now, and this is what makes most of its decisions unfair and not neutral."
Meanwhile, the Deputy of the Interior Minister in Kurdistan Regional Government, Jalal Karim said that "we didnít receive this decision issued from the International Police yet and that work is continuing as usual in its existing offices of the international police in Erbil and Sulaimaniyah and its activities were not affected by the Secretariat's decision".
The international police "Interpol" has issued earlier, an arrest warrant against the Vice President, Tareq al-Hashemi on "300" charges.
The Supreme Judicial Council has issued an arrest warrant against Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi on charges of his involvement in terrorist activities based on confessions made by a number of his bodyguards.
The parliamentary security and defense committee called earlier, the government to bring the fugitive, Mohammed al-Daini back by the international police "Interpol".