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01-09-2013, 02:43 PM
Can some one explains following Non Regular Market posted on isx bulletin and affect on investors holding.

And are we doomed yet ??

According to Iraqi Securities Commission decision NO. 9/3132 in 20/12/2012 1- transfer the following companies to the non - Regular Market because of the decrease in its Trading Days number according to instruction no (15) for 2011 2- opening Trading for Non - Regular Market according from Monday 14/12/2013 from (10-12) . 3- the companies are :Al-Humraa for Insurance ,Al-Khair for Financial Investment, Al-AYaam for Financial Investment, Al-Ameen for Financial Investment , Bain Al-Nahrain Financial Investment , AL- Batek Investment ,Al-Khaima for Finanical Investment ,Al-Ameen Estate Investment,Modern Chemical Industries ,Kirkuk For Producing , Al-Ahlyia for Agricultural Production .

ISX Maniac who uses Warka
01-18-2013, 02:48 PM
There is also a new secondary market (non-regular) report on the ISX website now. Follow the below link and download the report dated 16/01/2013 (the report immediately below report dated 17/01/2013). The monthly bulletin for December 2012 also has Asia Cell listed with a market cap of 270,012 (mn ID).