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01-19-2013, 02:10 AM
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The Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary what came in remarks, Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani on the marginalization of 35 thousand member of the Sunni and exclusion from their constituencies security, but said the number up to half a million member, and includes marginalization also Kurds and Shiites loyal to the authority, arguing that not solution of what is happening in the country but changed approach of the entire system and the continuation of peaceful protest until we achieve that, while saw Kurdistan Alliance The negotiator for the demonstrations was chosen incorrectly and works to aggravate the situation, even if the government wanted from the negotiations well was supposed to choose the Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways.

A member of the Security and Defense Committee in the Parliament MP Chuan Mohamed Taha said that "nearly half a million member of the security services have been marginalized by the government, not only exclusion for that component only, but included Kurds and component Shiite who are not in the ruling party and all of not subject to the will of the State law and this negative index indicates the politicization of the security system. "
He Taha told the "term" that "Orabi state law say yes to balance and support the Article 9 of the Constitution, but do not they apply and the committee that formed since the Council of Ministers to pursue the question of balance in the state departments did not hear anything about it have been marginalized role and its work is not at the required level" , pointing out that "the state is led by proxy, committees and state law hit all institutions the wall and there is no solution for what is happening only change the entire political system will not benefit anything until authorities, political parties and civil society organizations."
He explained Taha said that "the state is managed military by the Office of the commander of the armed forces and there secretary for intelligence and the secretary of the military operations and the Secretary of each military mission and the whole, however, the Commander in Chief Nuri al-Maliki can not be a civil state under this kind of judgment, and strange that sends al-Maliki and Defense Minister to follow the demands of the demonstrators, who demanded the right of women prisoners who were raped in prison while we do not see one permit from the Ministry of Women did not pronounce a single word. "
For his part, MP for the coalition in Iraq Hamid al-Mutlaq said that "exclusion in the state security services, is dramatically and hardcore and we are forced to talk in this language due to sectarian act of exclusion and marginalization by those in authority."
The member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary told the "term" that "there are people who died in prison under torture by the security forces and come Committee now to release 335 prisoners and is apologizing them by Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani Chairman of the Committee responsible for monitoring the demands of the demonstrators to blow wonder more about the number of innocent people in jails and great injustice on the Sunni component, "adding that" the corrupt and criminals in the state security services, began to control those departments and they do what they like and must stand Bugehm ".
The al-Mutlaq said that "it is too much for the followers of the ruling party and its members who GRIP state security institutions and service is also more circuits task and began exclusivity power and there is no sign of building a civil state democratic gathering all the colors of the Iraqi spectrum", following the "committees of the Parliament is the product of sectarian and partisan narrow and quotas so can not any committee or parliament entire stand general this phenomenon exclusionary so I see that the only action is to demonstrate and protest peacefully in the streets by citizens and stand all officials and politicians with them for the advancement of the country's political and service and security at all levels. "
MP for mass citizen internalized in the National Alliance Furat al-Shara stressed that "phase we are going through a serious and crossroads difficult and Shahristani bear as a result his alone, nor deny the existence of exclusion and marginalization because of errors administrative certain responsibilities and positions, but that does not mean there is exclusion of large component Sunni."
He Shara told the "term" that "directory big on that year is marginalized in the state and its departments and share large in the country is that the legislature, however, Osama Nujaifi, who represents the Sunni component, in addition to many of the managers and officials in the state departments of the same component."
The spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance supporter Tayyip that "there is a lack of balance in all state institutions and undoubtedly there is exclusion and marginalization of the Sunni component and always be reasons the name of accountability and justice.
He added that "the deal by the government of discrimination on the basis of caste makes citizens cling more بطوائفهم which will reflect negatively on the street."
He Tayyip told the "term" that "government officials dealing on the basis of sectarian and partisan, and the judiciary also those who stand against the House of Representatives that the only authority that still represents all components is targeted by those authorities in order to weaken its oversight role and legislative."
The good that "the choice Hussain al-Shahristani as prime Committee responsible for monitoring the demands of the demonstrators is a big mistake, because al-Shahristani did not come close agreement to find a solution to the problem of the territorial Government and the Federal Government regarding the law of oil and apprehensive that the worsening situation with the demonstrators instead of finding solutions," he continued, "was the government to choose the Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shawis to negotiate with the protesters if the government really wants to save the situation. "
Has revealed political source in the National Alliance, the day before yesterday, that the Special Committee to negotiate with the protesters, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani, I discovered that the Interior Ministry excluded about 35 thousand of its affiliates (year) since 2010 under the Justice and Accountability Law, while pointed out that the committee Shahristani also discovered that more than 90 percent of the general managers in the interior are Shiites and Maliki's party or those close to him specifically.
The source said in an interview to the (long-Presse) The "Special Committee to negotiate with the protesters, headed by al-Shahristani, discovered during the past few days during the audited files accountability and justice and files balance in the security ministries, the Ministry of Interior eliminated about 35 thousand of its members from the (year) since the year 2010 So far under the procedures of accountability and justice. "
The source, who asked not to be named, said, "Shahristani Committee confirmed during a meeting of the National Alliance, two days before that those who have been excluded by the Interior is one of those who fought al Qaeda and many of them were subjected to injury and disability and disfigurement."