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01-11-2018, 02:39 PM
Good day to who ever is reading this message and I hope the New Year finds you well. I have tried in the past put held back hoping that Warka would be online by now. However, it seems that things have continued to move slower than ever. The idea and plan that I have is to get a few like minds together and create a company that can directly invest in the ISX. I understand how challenging that may sounds with all that has taken place in the past. But we all know that things are going to happen in Iraq in the coming future. Wall Street is moving in and the world is moving in quietly while we are just waiting and hoping. I would like to start small, with the right people who are not afraid to take a chance. What I am proposing is to set up our own shop in Baghdad, seriously. Where we hold an office and contacts on ISX location and get the real news ourselves for ourselves.

I have been part of this forum and investment from the beginning, and we all know that it will happen. We simply got something wrong that we were never privy to and that was the timing. Iraq only has one direction to go, and we are starting to see it move in the right direction this year. I for one don't want to be watching all the changes and opportunities when we can be apart of it. Look, there is going to be a time where any business pertaining to Baghdad will be a success. In any case, there is good money to make there right now directly. I am talking about starting something real that only invest in the ISX with board members.

So for anyone that is REALLY interested, please contact me at jaypie13@gmail.com for more details about the legal matters pertaining to it. Maybe we can talk as well. Please don't contact me unless your serious.

01-12-2018, 01:48 PM
I think the real investment that everyone on this board has passed up is the oil companies operating out of Iraq and Kurdistan that can be invested in on the good ole' US STOCK EXCHANGE. The money in Iraq will be made in the oil. There never was a reason to send money to Iraq only to have it stolen. There is no need to travel to Iraq to be shot at. I can invest from my E-trade account and sit at home. I'm already up over 40k on my investment and I doubt many on this board can say the same.

Page 38.

"The Shaikan block is situated about 85 km north-west of Erbil covering an area of 283 kmē, it is one of the largest onshore developments in the world today"


In the oil patch today, it is indeed the survival of the fittest. So when one of the largest producers in Iraqi Kurdistan, Genel Energy Plc, comes out swinging with production costs as low as $1 per barrel, it inspires a new confidence that may or may not be sustainable given the regional security threats and the difficulties producers are having getting paid for their oil.

Still, it’s an impressive number that renders Kurdistan one of the cheapest oil venues on the planet

How To Invest With A Rothschild in Iraqi Oil


Another oldie but goodie...


Kurdistan is one of few places left in the world where oil companies can acquire material exploration positions with large reserve potential on competitive commercial terms.

Recent security threats have curtailed consolidation activity and significantly driven down asset value for local explorers and producers.

This undervaluation presents several unique opportunities to acquire world class producing assets for a fraction of their value.

Rewarding the Bold (a primer on Kurdistan's Independent E&P Companies http://www.debtwire.com/pdf/A-primer-on-Kurdistan's-independent-E&P-companies.pdf

Blue Sky Energy: The Iraq Oil Opportunity

Here are all the Kurdistan Oilers available in the US market...

Gulf Keystone Petroleum- GUKYF

Genel Energy- GEGYF


Shamaran Petroleum- SHASF

Oryx Petroleum- ORXPF

Range Energy Resources- RGOZF

Iraq only has one oil company you can invest in... Blue Sky Energy, for this one you will need an international brokerage account,the ticker is BSI on the TSX-V

I have already done a ton of research already but make sure you do your own due diligence if you are planning to invest. I think the opportunity here is compelling and you will not be risking your life to invest.

01-12-2018, 02:29 PM
Look, this was an offer to start an Iraqi investment company with those that are not ruled by fair of what they hear from fake news outlets. Specially when you have contacts telling you otherwise. I wish you all the success on the US Exchange, but there are other exchanges to invest in around the world. The focus here is the ISX. Also, remaining at home will not guaranty you a long and safe life - when its your time to go believe me, there will be nothing that can safe you.

01-12-2018, 02:40 PM
Hi Jonas, I wish you luck as well... I just wanted to let you know about other options that are out there. I'm already in the ISX and it hasn't done a whole lot for me and this has.

01-12-2018, 03:21 PM
Spacetuna, you sound like a very wise person and investor, and the advise stated above about the oil companies is a very good move. I do hope I didn't come across disrespectful in my last comment, if so I apologize. However, I am sure you remember when there was a time in history when after the war it was not a good idea to invest in Europe, or how foolish it would be to invest in a communistic state like China. We both know well enough that the bad news coming out of Iraq will soon turn to good business news when the time is right. We both also know that it is during the bad news phase that Wall Street is making their investments on the ground while it is cheap. By no means am I risking my life by landing and entering the green zone where all the business is done in Iraq. If the green zone is not safe that means the government of Iraq has collapse and the US military has failed after all money and lives lost. I have faith in the might of this country as you do. You know very well that investing in anything is risky, but fortune follows the bold and wise. You out of all, I would have loved to be in business with.