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01-26-2013, 10:03 AM
Friday, 25 January 2013 12:14

http://www.shafaaq.com/en/images/2013/1/4/president_barzani_vice_president_shivron_company__ 2013_01_25_h1m18s46__sb.jpgShafaq News/An American giant oil firm confirmed its commitment to a long-term partnership as well as an intention of an expansion in its activities in Kurdistan region, a government statement reads.
Ashti Horamy, KRG's natural resources minister said in a statement received by "Shafaq News" that "Chevron group" has been granted a share in the oil field of "Qara dagh".
The statement explained that KRG's president Masoud Barazani met the company's deputy-head during the events of the International economic forum held in the Swiss city of Davos last evening, in which the company expressed its wiliness to expand activities in the region post its short-time development, and showed gratitude to the government of Kurdistan.
For his side, Barazani described the firm's decision as "bold" and announced his governmnet's full support to the company while working in the region.