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01-30-2013, 03:49 AM
Author: NF
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2013/01/29 09:19

Term Press / Baghdad Iraqi medical sources reported on Tuesday that an armed group identified herself as one of the organization "League of the Righteous" attacked the Imam Ali Hospital and clashed with the security of the hospital and then the beat on physicians and nurses in the emergency department. The source said in an interview to the (long-Presse) The "Ten gunmen were carrying weapons attacked nearly five o'clock in the morning the Imam Ali Hospital in Sadr City fired at the hospital and clashed with security agents." He added, who asked not to be named, the source that "insurgents took control of the elements of security and entered the emergency department and identified themselves as belonging to the League of the Righteous, and they beat the doctors and staff, and then vandalized and cracking devices the hospital." The source explained that "the attack happened after that assaulted a man on the doctor in the emergency department nearly four o'clock dawn In doing scans his wife," noting that "the doctor was the measured pressure to the man's wife in front of all the employees, but the man revolted against the doctor and assaulted him." The source pointed out that "the man after he hit the doctor left the hospital with his wife, then returned about an hour later with the militants." The source said that "the doctors and hospital staff began a sit-in since this morning, demanding to protect them and hold abusers accountable," he said, adding that "some workers and doctors were severely beaten and suffered fractures and bruises." It is noteworthy that cases of beatings and attacks on doctors for reasons of honor by the community tribal Iraqi recorded staple food to last in hospitals in Baghdad and other provinces, but it was not an armed attack on the hospital since the end of the sectarian war in 2007 when it was militias various parties suppress doctors and force them under threat arms and beatings on the treatment of their wounded and rescued.
And witnessing the province of Baghdad, a relatively stable security, but some assassinations silenced weapons and sticky bombs are repeated between the period and the other usually targeted political figures or businessmen or associate members in the security services.

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