View Full Version : General Command of the Armed Forces warns who seek to exploit peaceful demonstration

02-09-2013, 07:13 PM
09/02/2013 22:01:00

Baghdad (NINA) General Command of the Armed Forces strongly warned, whom it called, those who seek to manipulate peaceful demonstration to achieve their own gains that do not represent, in any way, interests of the homeland.

A statement issued on Saturday, Feb. 9, by the Office of Commander in Chief said that Crisis Cell met today, chaired by the Commander in Chief, Nuri al-Maliki, and attended by all officials of security agencies, discussing current situation.

The statement added that self restrain and flexibility practiced by security agencies was not understood as being a normal response to what is legal and constitutional, where some sides utilized such flexibility, persisting in instigating commotions against the state, overstepping what is democratically allowed in freedom of expression endangering social peace.

It added, "We strong security measures must be taken to put a stop to the cases of excessiveness and threatening security and incapacitate articulate citizens' lives and interests. We strongly warn those who seek to exploit peaceful demonstrations to achieve private interests that do not represent the homeland's interests."

The Statement concluded that Iraqi Army and security agencies represent Iraq's unity, they stand at equal distance from all Iraqi components and work restlessly to realize its security and safety. It added "Our national and legal responsibility requires us to strike with iron fist against whoever seeks to establish illegal armed forces out of the state's army and security agencies."