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02-12-2013, 02:48 AM
Sunday, 10 February 2013 11:40

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Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Riyadh Ghali al-Sa'adi, of al-Ahrar bloc within the Sadr Trend denied splitting from al-Ahrar bloc.
In a press statement received by AIN on Sunday, he said "The reports about splitting al-Ahrar bloc and join another one are groundless," noting that "Such rumors aim at targeting the Sadr Trend and its figures after the failed attempts of the foreign sides to affect it."
"We will go on in the patriotic path of the Sadr Trend and will sue all the sides responsible for releasing such statements," he concluded.
Some media outlets received statements by the MPs of al-Ahrar bloc denying forming a new bloc.
Earlier, a statement attributed to the independent MP, Kadhim al-Sayadi cited that he announced forming a new parliament bloc named as National Ahrar bloc.

Sayadi said in the statement "A number of moderate MPs of Ahrar bloc will withdraw from the Ahrar bloc to join the National Ahrar bloc."
"The National Ahrar bloc was formed due to the Ahrar bloc's political failure and its deviation from the patriotic path," he added, assuring that "Ghali and MP, Majida al-Timimi did not joint my new bloc but there are other MPs from Ahrar bloc will join National Ahrar bloc.”
Ghali and Timimi announced in two separated statements that they joined the new bloc preserving their faith to the principals of Sadr Trend.
During the last night, the three MPs denied the statements attributed to them, assuring that there is not new political bloc and these reports are groundless.