View Full Version : Ahmed al-Alwani: clamp down on Adhamiya and other Baghdad's area pointing to the fact

02-16-2013, 12:35 AM

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15/02/2013 14:13:00

Baghdad/ NINA /-- MP , Ahmed al-Alwani: "tighten the noose on Adhamiya district and a number of areas of Baghdad, represent a clear evidence on the weakness of the government and its sectarian conduct ." And an extra confirmation of the sectarian approach of the government who prevent people from praying, and turning blind eye to the assassinations and systematic arrests committed in certain areas, noting that this was expected from the beginning ", as he said .

He explained in a statement to NINA today , that surrounding areas of Baghdad and security intensive deployment made people realizing that vigils , unified prayer and peaceful demonstrations which faced by a sectarian policy to exclude a major component of Iraqi people and usurping his rights ."